Corné van Giessen

My name is Corné and I’m working on my internship assignment at Sentech. This assignment is about identifying customer satisfaction. We do that using a baseline measurement.

Once the customer satisfaction survey has been completed, I will write targeted recommendations that will help improve the processes at Sentech.

I selected Sentech for my internship because the internship assignment appealed to me. During the interview process, I immediately had a good feeling and I started right away with my research proposal. This sector is new for me, and that makes it extra interesting to learn more about the work processes within the company. I want to use this internship to prepare myself for this field of work, in which I want to start working after I’ve completed my educational program.

In my spare time, I can usually be found at the gym, but also on the soccer field of NOAD ’32. At NOAD, I’m a volunteer trainer of young people through to the age of 17. I also train with the club’s second team. On Saturdays, I play my own games as a member of the third team. I also enjoy gaming and watching series.

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