Technology inspires us

We love technology and consider it an inexhaustible source of improvement. Sentech provides sensor knowledge and innovation. Our sensor experts produce sensor knowledge and innovation in the form of unique, smart sensor solutions for complex measurement and control issues.

Because sensor technology requirements vary from market to market, Sentech has divided its operations to cater to four market segments: Automotive & Heavy Vehicles, Healthcare & Instruments, High Tech & Robotica en Agrotechnology & horticulture.


What we believe…

Sentech is the brand-independent sensor integrator and produces turnkey integrated sensor solutions that OEMs use to improve their machines. We are passionate independent connectors, who are happy to live up to expectations and promises.

We believe in co-R&D. Innovating and working together to develop new applications and product enhancements. We assume responsibility for sensor technology development and sensor innovations. We thrive on developing sensor solutions for the most complex sensing challenges.

Industry overview: 4 market segments

Accepted challenges

Our challenges show details about what we do, how we do it and what we achieve for our customers. For each case studie, we interviewed our customer and our sensor experts. It demonstrates the possibilities and results of our customized sensor technology.

We solve problems, reduce downtime and operational costs, and ensure even greater reliability. We even facilitate revolutionary innovations and scientific breakthroughs.

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Sentech and Sensolus start their partnership

It's a fact, since August 1, 2021: The partnership of Sentech and the Belgian company Sensolus. What does this collaboration entail?
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Working according to high quality standards

With high quality standards you develop a reliable a sustainable end product. How does Sentech approach that?
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Working in smart industry companies: what does a job like that look like?

Smart industry makes sensor integration projects more complex. Hermen shares his experiences with you.
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Efficient engineering: avoid technical problems in your machine

How does efficient engineering work in a sensor integration project? Be prepared and avoid surprises in a later phase of your project.
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How future-proof are family businesses? Sentech as employer

Your career in high-tech is in Nieuwkuijk. Sentech as an employer creates a work environment that is future-proof. What are you looking for?
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