Team Sentech takes on our customers’ challenges

The Sentech team consists of highly skilled, committed and motivated sensor professionals who share a passion for technology. Our experts specialize in their respective fields. As a close-knit team, they take on our customers’ sensing challenges on a daily basis.

Hermen Kobus


Introducing new developments that make the utmost possible in our customers' machines has been my passion and source of energy now for many years.

In my role as CEO, I 'm ultimately responsible and accountable for Sentech's strategy, for driving further growth, expanding our business and managing overall operations. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 027

Erwin de Groot


I have more than 15 years of experience in various financial roles. These were positions at banks and consultancy firms in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

As CFO, I am responsible (along with my teams) for the finances and IT activities of Sentech. Read more

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Marco Leeggangers

Chief Business Development Officer

I enjoy meeting the challenges that our customers pose at Sentech.

Enterprising, ambitious and committed are all characteristics that describe me. These characteristics apply both in my private life and my career at Sentech. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 018

Marcel Figge


My solution-oriented approach helps me to translate customers’ wishes and ideas into concrete sensor applications.

As Managing Director, founder and proprietor of Sentech, I took up the challenge of shaping Sentech’s ambitious roadmap for growth. We live in a marvelous technological era. I have a huge passion for technology and the unbridled aspiration to make a significant contribution to technical innovation together with Sentech. Read more

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Hendrik-Jan Dreuning

Commercial Manager

I take advantage of the rapidity, versatility, and innovative power of Sentech.

My enthusiastic team and I further develop our customer relations and the business. Read more

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or call: +31 73 2200 335

Peter Verstappen

Senior Account Manager

In my field of expertise, I very much enjoy both cooperating with people and sharing my knowledge and experience with them.

Following a career spanning seventeen years at a global manufacturer and supplier of industrial automation systems, I opted to join Sentech in early 2013. On the previous occasions that I had been in touch with Sentech, I was immediately struck by their considerable energy and the enthusiasm. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 002

Rob Pieters

Account Manager

My penchant for technology enables me to offer added value to the customers I negotiate with.

Having completed an intermediate vocational training course (MBO) in electronics, I started out in the field of radar technology, only to switch to a career in technical sales just a couple of year afterwards. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 005

Leo Eijkemans

Sales Manager

Here I am challenged to perform at my best and to grow as a person.

Together with the front office team, my role as Sales Manager is to focus on Sentech’s new business. Read more

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or call: +31 73 2200 504

Sean Ram

Senior Account Manager

My challenge is to translate companies’ technical issues into solutions, supervising the entire process up to the point of completion.

After completing my studies in analogue electronics at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, I immediately got into sales. I then spent several years working for an electronics supplier in the field of industrial automation, before deciding to get more closely involved in the world of sensors. I joined the ranks of Sentech in March 2014. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 007

Ad Mulders

Account Manager

This is the place where I and my energetic and committed colleagues take care of the whole process leading up to a successful sensor integration.

With my degree in HTS aeronautical engineering in the bag, it soon became clear to me that I wanted to work in a technical commercial position. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 004

Jean-Pierre Vriens

Sales & Customer Support Representative

My wife Imke and I have two daughters. We often go out as a family - to museums, the theater, amusement parks.

I have been working for Sentech as Sales & Customer Support Representative since 2021. In this role, I act as the point of contact for customers and make sure they have a positive experience. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 514

Jurre van Son

Account Manager

I fulfilled various roles in the Quality and RD&E departments, and immediately after completion of my course I took the bold step of taking on a technical commercial role in the Sales department.

During my electrical engineering course at Fontys University of Applied Sciences, I started working in Sentech's RD&E department in early 2019. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 507

Jeroen de Bruin

Inside Sales Engineer

I believe in the application of sensors. Without sensors, there is insufficient insight into what is going on.

As Inside Sales Engineer, I work together with the Account Managers to provide the customer the most appropriate sensor solution. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 010

Paul Salomons

Inside Sales Engineer

In my position, I mainly focus on the semiconductor industry, but I also support other sectors.

As an Inside Sales Engineer, I support the Account Managers in finding the most suitable sensor solutions for applications. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 338

Toby Klomp

Junior Commercial Project Coordinator

Recently, I graduated with a bachelor's in business studies, and this traineeship is the ideal next step for me.

I started working at Sentech in January 2022 as a trainee. In this capacity, I have worked in different departments within the company. After being a trainee for a year, I started work as a Junior Commercial Project Coordinator. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 508

Edwin van Stiphout

Inside Sales Engineer

Solving technical problems for customers gives me great satisfaction.

As Inside Sales Engineer, I work with my colleagues to find the most appropriate sensor solution for customers' sensor issues. Read more

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of bel: 073 2200 009

Rob Kuijpers

Product Manager

My ambition and hunger for personal development and affinity with strategic decisions come in handy here.

With a penchant for smart technological solutions, I fulfill my role as Product Manager. Besides technical product, system and application know-how, I influence the road mapping. Read more

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or call: +31 73 2200 519

Mieke van der Kallen

Team Lead Sales & Customer Support

The great thing about Sentech is that the company structure allows you to see both the processes and the actual product from close up.

After my commercial studies in sports, I knew... That I wanted my technical affinity to be reflected in my career. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 501

Jolanda Smits

Sales & Customer Support Representative

The enthusiasm and professionalism of the team as well as the entire organization is contagious.

I have been enjoying working at Sentech as a Sales & Customer Support Representative since April 2019. Here, I am able to use my commercial and customer support experience to make sure our customers are satisfied each time they contact us. Read more

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of call: +31 73 2200 503

Marco Sprangers

Inside Sales Engineer

All these sectors throw up sensor challenges that I and my colleagues deal with. Technology can indeed be applied everywhere.

As technical jack of all trades, I've been working at Sentech as an Inside Sales Engineer since late 2023. This role involves looking for the right sensor solution for our customers. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 517

Djoeke Berfelo

Sales & Customer Support Representative

Together with my colleagues in the department, I ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

I've been working at Sentech since May 2023 as a Sales & Customer Support Representative. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 332

Alexandra Bekker-Scholte

Sales & Customer Support Representative

As a team, we contribute towards maintaining high standards at Sentech, including 100% delivery reliability.

In my capacity as a Sales & Customer Support Representative, my job at Sentech involves providing logistics services to our customers. As a team, we contribute towards maintaining high standards at Sentech, including 100% delivery reliability. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 026

Marieke Gijsbers

Sales & Customer Support Representative

Sentech sets extremely great store by quality.

I’ve very much enjoyed working for Sentech ever since I joined the company in 2008. Although I worked in the Customer Service department for many years, I am currently at work as a Sales & Customer Support Representative. Sentech sets extremely great store by quality. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 020

Jorg Kuijpers

Sales & Customer Support Representative

We can only achieve it by cooperating as a team to understand other people’s wishes, pursuing them with a view to fulfilling our commitments!

I have been employed as a Sales & Customer Support Representative at Sentech since 2010. In this highly varied job, everything revolves around the customer. We endeavor to address all queries regarding current assignments to the customer’s complete satisfaction. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 024

Jeroen Burgers

Commercial Project Coordinator

It is my aim to approach the customer proactively and to further improve the customer relationship through good communication.

I work as a Commercial Project Coordinator, in a Sentech department with many responsibilities and a lot of variety. We focus on development, results and a positive customer experience. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 006

Daphne Cleijn

Facility Manager

I sense a great deal of enthusiasm and drive in all the colleagues I have met so far. They immediately made me feel very welcome, even via a computer screen in this time of coronavirus.

In my role as Facility Manager, I support the Management Team. I also manage the Facility team. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 017

Ingeborg Huijbregts

Facility Assistant

Striving together to achieve the famous 'well-oiled machine' is an everyday occurrence here. Every day I learn something new and that feels good.

My work as Facility Assistant is very diverse. It ranges from receiving guests and answering the phone, to supporting my colleagues (our internal customer) on a daily basis and organizing celebrations. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 000

Teaka van Kapel

Facility Assistant

Openness, honesty, a good atmosphere and humor are important factors for me. And I found them at Sentech.

I joined Sentech as Facility Assistant in August 2021. My role is incredibly versatile. I look after visitors, take phone calls from customers and put them through to the right colleague. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 000

Karin de Jong

Senior Marketing Specialist

Sentech's company culture seems warm and people-focused to me. There is attention for employees and that feels good.

As Senior Marketing Specialist, collecting leads is an important part of my work. I also help to increase our name recognition. Read more

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or call +31 651 04 62 00

Anouk van den Brand

Content Marketer

The content I create helps (R&D) engineers and buyers to find solutions for assembly challenges.

As Content Marketer, I gather knowledge that is in the heads of my colleagues. It is my job to translate this technical information into comprehensible language for our group of readers. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 021

Ingrid Buskens


Sentech understands the importance of reliable suppliers and I'm pleased to have a key role in this.

As Purchaser, I make sure that the right materials are at Sentech at the right time and for the right price. To do this, I maintain contacts with our suppliers and internal stakeholders. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 510

Jasper Kroon


There are endless applications for sensor solutions and innovation is constantly occurring. This makes procurement challenging and interesting at the same time.

I work in the Supply Chain Management team as a Purchaser. This role involves me working closely with suppliers in order to purchase products under the best conditions. Read more

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or call: +31 73 2200 511

Joram Kuipers

Supply Chain Planner

The fact that Sentech is continuously evolving and focuses on continuous improvement is appealing to me.

My name is Joram Kuipers, and I started at Sentech in April 2020 as Junior Purchaser. Later, in 2022 I continued as a Supply Chain Planner. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 013

Corné Hijwegen

Assistant Purchaser

With the different departments, we form a nice team together.

As an Assistant Purchaser, I support the supply chain department. My day-to-day tasks range from confirming purchase orders to printing labels. I keep my colleagues in sales informed about deliveries of purchased items, as well as about any possible delays and preventing them. Read more

e-mail Corné

or call +31 73 2200 512

Karel Ligtenberg

Supply Chain Manager

With a matter-of-fact approach and an open mind, I find a proper resolution for the challenges I come across.

As Supply Chain Manager, I manage the Supply Chain Management department and I contribute to the development and optimization of the entire chain. Here, we aim to use people and resources in the most efficient manner. Read more

e-mail Karel

or call +31 73 2200 000

Jos Pastoors

Supply Chain Planner

The way in which Sentech presents itself — a cozy and informal organization, full of opportunities to develop myself — immediately appealed to me.

I started at Sentech as Supply Chain Planner in March 2019. In this role, I am responsible for a production schedule that is as optimal as possible. Together with my colleagues, I make sure that the customer receives their products on time. Read more

e-mail Jos

or call +31 73 2200 000

Herman Guijt

Manager RD&E

I enjoy looking ahead to coordinate the customer's needs with our knowledge, skills and capacity.

We, along with our team, integrate cool sensor solutions. We provide a successful integration of the sensor solution in the customer's application so that we can deliver this solution in series. Read more

e-mail Herman

or call: +31 73 2200 506

Johan van den Biggelaar

Senior Project Engineer

During the course of my work, I am regularly faced with the challenge of integrating existing or new sensors in customers’ products.

My name is Johan van den Biggelaar, and I work as a Senior Project Engineer at Sentech. In this capacity, I bear responsibility for the supervision and completion of projects in accordance with the established quality standards. Read more

e-mail Johan

or call +31 73 2200 015

Rob de Laat

Senior Project Engineer

The short lines of communication and non-nonsense mentality found everywhere here make it a pleasant working environment.

including the delivery of a new solution. For instance, I devise a sensor solution with the customer, I write control software, I create designs for PCBs and housings, and I provide the work instructions for the production of series. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 500

Maarten Nauta

Senior Project Engineer

I am fully committed to achieving objectives and I'm able to motivate everyone to contribute to that.

As Senior Project Engineer I am jointly responsible for determining the technical and commercial feasibility of customer requests. I contribute ideas with regard to the latest sensor solutions. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 003

Joost Geelhoed

Senior Project Engineer

But I gradually moved into sensors, which brought me to Sentech in early 2023.

I've always been interested in electronics, ever since I was a kid. This led me to study Electrical Engineering in Delft, after which I started my career in engineering. Read more

e-mail Joost

or call +31 73 2200 334

David Reuijl

R&D Engineer

What I really like about my job is that I come into contact with the latest technologies.

Hi, my name is David Reuijl. Within the RD&E department, I am a Senior R&D Engineer. In my opinion, this is the greatest job you can have in our company. I put the latest sensors to the test. Read more

e-mail David

or call: +31 73 2200 505

Roderik Tiebosch

Junior Project Engineer

Given my affinity for programming and electronics, I enjoy assisting with projects that combine these two disciplines.

As a Junior Project Engineer in the RD&E department, I gain hands-on experience with engineering. Read more

e-mail Roderik

or call +31 73 2200 000

Kevin Vos

Project Lead

After completing my study, I found Sentech again. This time as Project Lead in the RD&E department.

My love for sensor solutions developed during my two internships in Sentech's RD&E department. Read more

e-mail Kevin

or call +31 73 2200 000

John van Schaik

Process Engineer

I made the switch to Sentech to get closer to technology again. The open structure ensures a good team spirit, in which everyone can express their opinion.

As a Process Engineer I am the link between Engineering and Production. This ranges from contributing to new projects to maintaining the current work and test instructions. Read more

e-mail John

or call +31 73 2200 336

Artur Kusmierek

Process Engineer

My colleagues really give me a boost. My team and the results of our work keep me happy and motivated.

As a Process Engineer, I translate RD&E projects into production capabilities. For example, I prepare work instructions and production part lists. I also introduce new sensor solutions to my colleagues in the production department. Read more

e-mail Artur

or call +31 73 2200 000

Jorg van Helmond

Production Engineer

Unsurprisingly, implementing and improving processes is my passion.

As a Production Engineer, I am the link between engineering and production. I implement new production processes and optimize the existing processes. Read more

e-mail Jorg

or call +31 73 2200 333

Antoinette Gravekamp

Quality Engineer

From November 2023, I've been in my new position as a Quality Engineer.

I started working at Sentech as an Assembly Engineer in 2022. I did this job for over a year and really enjoyed it because I like working with my hands and it gave me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things. Read more

e-mail Antoinette

or call +31 73 2200 000

Michel Kroeze

Team Lead Production

I consider clear communication and structure vital

I was recently engaged by Sentech to assume the post of Team Lead Production. I already had over ten years’ experience in the high-tech industry when this expanding firm offered me a highly appealing position in an innovative environment. Read more

e-mail Michel

or call +31 73 2200 025

Charl Dijkhoff

Senior Assembly Engineer

I am responsible for the assembly of customer-focused sensor solutions and their adjustment, testing and packaging.

I joined Sentech in June 2018 as a Senior Assembly Engineer. In recent years, I have worked in the automotive industry, as an interior builder and quality inspector, among other positions. Read more

e-mail Charl

or call +31 73 2200 000

Monique van der Plas

Senior Assembly Engineer

At the end of the day, when I go home, I think "We really pulled that off nicely." And that feels great!

As Senior Assembly Engineer, I put together sensor assemblies with precision and attention. I do this with a fun and enthusiastic team. Read more

e-mail Monique

or call +31 73 2200 000

Anita van den Bersselaar

Assembly Engineer

The switch to Sentech was a good experience. I was kindly received, everyone is helpful and there is a good working atmosphere.

My name is Anita and I've been working at Sentech as an Assembly Engineer since June 2023. Read more

e-mail Anita

or call +31 73 2200 000

Sylvia van Kruysdijk

Assembly Engineer

I’ve got several years of work experience in assembly in the electrical industry, so I’m pretty familiar with the work.

I'm Sylvia van Kruysdijk, and I’m an Assembly Engineer at Sentech. My job involves assembling various cables and sensors. Read more

e-mail Sylvia

or call +31 73 2200 000

Andrew Oliemans

Test Engineer

What I find so attractive about working at Sentech is the warm and open corporate culture.

Hi, my name is Andrew. In my job as Test Engineer, along with my colleagues I'm responsible for testing and packaging sensor solutions. Read more

e-mail Andrew

or call +31 73 2200 000

Marianne van Zelst

Test Engineer

The pleasant atmosphere really appeals to me. I hope to be able to learn here for years to come!

I've been working at Sentech as a Test Engineer since July 2022. In recent years, I have worked as an assembly employee. Read more

e-mail Marianne

or call +31 73 2200 000

Rita van Meel

Test Engineer

My job, along with my colleagues, is to test the sensors.

My name is Rita. I've been working at Sentech as a Test Engineer since 2023. The varied work makes it a fun and challenging job where I can learn a lot. Read more

e-mail Rita

or call +31 73 2200 000

Ingrid Willems

Manager Quality

I see Sentech as an organisation which is open to implementing improvements in its internal processes.

I have worked at Sentech since June 2018. Before that, I worked at a large, international pharmaceutical company for 17 years. Read more

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or call +31 73 2200 339

Wilma Humble

Assembly Engineer

Previously I worked for 15 years as an order picker in the clothing branch. Then, in 2018, I made a conscious decision to switch careers and work in the assembly sector.

I started at Sentech in May 2020 as Assembly Engineer. In this position, I assemble cables for sensor solutions. Read more

e-mail Wilma

or call +31 73 2200 000

Shirley Goud

Assembly Engineer

I felt very welcome during my first days here, with great colleagues and a good working atmosphere.

My name is Shirley Goud and I really enjoy my job as an Assembly Engineer. Read more

email Shirley

or call +31 73 2200 000

Leila Ahmed

Assembly Engineer

In my experience it's a great company with wonderful colleagues and a pleasant working atmosphere.

I work for Sentech as an Assembly Engineer. My job involves putting together sensors by adding various plugs. Read more

email Leila

or call +31 73 2200 000

Hans Brugman

Test Engineer

We want our customers to come back to us, not our products.

As a Test Engineer, it is my responsibility to ensure that all assemblies produced by Sentech, both internally and externally, are 100% compliant with the functionality standards. Apart from carrying out quality control, I am in charge of meticulously supplying the warehouse in terms of the packaging and cleaning methods, in accordance with the customer’s explicit specifications. Read more

e-mail Hans

or call +31 73 2200 000

Monique van den Heuvel

Test Engineer

Because I am curious, working at Sentech is challenging for me.

I am Monique and I work as a Test Engineer. In this role, I am responsible for the final inspections and the packaging of all high-quality assembled sensor solutions. It is of great importance that everything works properly before it is sent to the customer. Read more

e-mail Monique

or call +31 73 2200 000

Esther Verhoeven

Test Engineer

I felt warmly welcome during the introductory interviews and so I'm happy to be working here now.

Hi, my name is Esther. As Test Engineer I am responsible for testing and packaging. Read more

e-mail Esther

or call +31 73 2200 000

Fred Egglij

Logistics Assistant

I accepted the challenge of continually providing our customers with 100% delivery reliability.

I have been working for Sentech as a Logistics Assistant since February 2011, and I am responsible for routine duties in our stores, processing incoming goods flows and dispatching consignments to customers both in the Netherlands and abroad. Read more

e-mail Fred

or call +31 73 2200 000

Jehan Melis

Logistics Assistant

I really enjoy working for such a changing organization.

As Logistics Assistant, I am partly responsible for the flow of goods — from the first phase to the last. I do this together with my enthusiastic colleagues. Read more

e-mail Jehan

or call +31 73 2200 000

Pascal Kamp

Logistics Assistant

With the informal culture here, the focus is on personal norms and values. So, I quickly felt at home.

As Logistics Assistant, I am responsible for the logistics processes of incoming and outgoing goods. I do this along with my enthusiastic colleagues. Read more

e-mail Pascal

or call +31 73 2200 000

Silvia Cid

Functional Application Specialist

I was posed – and willingly accepted – the exciting challenge of assuming the role of Functional Application Specialist

I joined Sentech as its Sales & Customer Support Representative in 2012. In the meanwhile, I bear responsibility for the firm’s applications in use. Read more

e-mail Silvia

or call +31 73 2200 022

Johan Dijkshoorn

IT Support Specialist

That personal contact makes my work even more fun.

As IT Support Specialist, I am the first point of contact for all IT-related questions at Sentech. I am always more than happy to help people solve their IT issues.!--more--> I enjoy tackling questions on site, asking questions directly to arrive at a solution or find an alternative quickly and efficiently. That personal contact makes my work even more fun. Sentech being a growing company, I not only see a lot of familiar faces but also many new faces that I am getting to know better and better. That adds an extra dimension to my IT work. In my spare time, I like being creative with painting and 3D printing. I also enjoy being active during a game of basketball. As an IT professional, I am of course a fan of a good movie. I also like playing games on the computer and board games with my family. I love food and want to explore many more parts of the world together with my wife. I can combine these two nicely in experimental journeys around the globe and in the kitchen!

e-mail Johan

or call +31 73 2200 509

Mieke van den Brand

Financial Controller

Because of my strong affinity with the agricultural sector, I like to work at companies who are active in this sector.

As Financial Controller, I keep myself busy with the coordination of the daily financial affairs. Read more

e-mail Mieke

or call +31 73 2200 016

Freek Klerx

Assistant Financial Controller

he positive and professional atmosphere at Sentech is one of the reasons I enjoy coming to work every day.

I've been working in the Finance Department as Assistant Financial Controller since September 2023. It's my job to ensure that our accounting records are processed correctly and in a timely manner. Read more

e-mail Freek

or call +31 73 2200 011

Ingrid Korthout

Financial Administrator

The pleasant moments with colleagues and the casual informal atmosphere really make it feel like coming home.

I’ve been enjoying my job as a Financial Administrator at Sentech since January 2023. I keep an eye on the bookkeeping to make sure everything is neat and correct. Read more

e-mail Ingrid

or call +31 73 2200 514

Marion van der Aa

Business Controller

From the first moment that I became familiar with Sentech, I sensed the ambition and mentality to achieve the best.

In my job as Business Controller, I focus on analyzing and improving all sorts of business processes. I do this using focused analyses as well as reports of financial data and company information. Read more

e-mail Marion

or call +31 6 83 83 01 84

Bianca van Zon

Manager HR

Here, I am able to involve myself in diverse HR issues concerning the full range of the HR profession. This makes the work fun and challenging.

As Manager HR, I am responsible for the development and implementation of the HR policy. I work with my management team colleagues on the company's strategy and its long-term objectives. Read more

e-mail Bianca

or call +31 73 2200 513

Danciëlle Megens

HR Business Partner

I really enjoy contributing to the growth and realization of Sentench's strategic objectives.

My passion for HR lies in the development of employees and in HR policy. In my role as HR Business Partner, I am involved in both operational as well as tactical issues. Read more

email Danciëlle

or call: +31 73 2200 008

Linsey van Veghel


Since we enjoy a fresh lunch together every day, building bridges to other departments is easy.

Sentech is a forward-looking and ambitious company that is growing. To support that growth, you need colleagues with the right competencies. And that is precisely what I focus on as a Recruiter. Read more

e-mail Linsey

or call +31 6-57 73 38 39.


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