Mieke van der Kallen

After my commercial studies in sports, I knew… That I wanted my technical affinity to be reflected in my career. My first job straight after school was at a multinational tech company in a customer service role. Over the years, I’ve had various positions, including marketing, sales promotion and eventually team leader of a technical/commercial inside sales team.

After being involved in a lot of international work, it’s really fun and challenging now to be looking after customers operating closer to home. As Team Lead Sales & Customer Support, me and my colleagues are the voice of the customer you hear inside Sentech. As a team, we work hard to make the Sentech customer experience as smooth as possible. This also means we have to keep internal processes running smoothly. I’m always looking for ways in which to translate lessons previously learned into appropriate action within Sentech and the Sales & Customer Support department. Because it’s a small organization, I can easily interact with different levels and departments to keep things moving.

I’m an inquisitive person by nature and enjoy knowing how something works. The great thing about Sentech is that the company structure allows you to see both the processes and the actual product from close up. Nothing beats being able to hold a physical product in your hands and hearing about the problem that the product solves.

You can relate to customer success stories and it’s teamwork that makes these possible. We celebrate successes together. The informal atmosphere and pleasant office give you room for discussing ad hoc matters as well, so you’re not just working according to a fixed agenda.

As a true native of Den Bosch, the love for my city, including Oeteldonk (carnival), was something I imbibed from an early age. I love to wander through the narrow alleys that the tourists have yet to find.

When I’m not in Den Bosch, I like to go out with my partner for a walk, a round of geocaching or a hearty meal. We enjoy holidays both near and far, going either by car or by plane. As long as the final destination has green nature for rambling, it always works out!

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