Hendrik-Jan Dreuning

My enthusiastic team and I further develop our customer relations and the business. I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my career. My chemistry background helped me start out as an R&D Engineer in the technology sector. A few years later, my interest in the process after the research phase grew. How do those fantastic ideas make it to the market? Is there customer demand for these products?

Eventually, I dared to jump into Sales. It turned out to be a perfect match. My career continued to grow from Technical Account Manager to International Sales, Marketing, Management, and eventually Director of Global Sales & Marketing. I’m at my best in these jobs when I am face to face with the customer. Customers giving me insights into the markets and collaborating to create value really boosts my energy.

After gaining experience in corporate environments, I joined Sentech. It’s a fantastic high-tech company that brims over with energy and ambition! It’s a company where you can really have an impact. I’ve wanted to do this for years.

The world is changing rapidly around us. Sensors will become an increasing part of our daily lives. The Sentech team is contributing to this trend. We create complex sensor integrations in collaboration with our customers. Contributing to this achievement is a truly excellent challenge! I take advantage of the rapidity, versatility, and innovative power of Sentech. This is a great combo with my 20 years of experience in International Marketing and Sales within high-tech corporate environments.

I also challenge myself physically from athletics in my youth to CrossFit as an adult. A good workout where I have to give my all is really satisfying. It’s not about what you can’t do, but what you can do. In other words, what you can develop. That’s how I look at life both in private and during work situations.

See you soon!

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