Video: this is how Sentech develops your sensor integration

As an OEM or machine builder, you are looking for a sensor suitable for challenging conditions. Such as contamination, extreme temperatures and vacuum. What does the journey of your sensor integration look like? We’ll show you in the video above.

If you are a machine builder and looking for a sensor that is suitable for challenging conditions, such as heavy contamination or temperatures down to -200 ºC, our specialists can translate your wishes to the right technical specifications.

The more challenging, the better. Together with the R&D team, they’ll design a sensor solution for you tailor-made to your needs. Once you approve the proposal, our engineers will get to work on developing a complete sensor design and a prototype.

The sensor integration journey then continues to our colleagues in the supply chain, who work together with sensor suppliers and our R&D colleagues. They all work towards the same goal: making sure that the components for the final product are delivered on time, at the right price and with the right quality.

Once the components have arrived, our assembly staff make the sensor to measure, exactly as agreed with you. For example, we add cables and plugs to the sensors. Then it’s time to test and package the sensors. Products for semiconductor applications are tested in our dust-free cleanroom.

If everything is in order, our logistics staff prepare the sensor assemblies for shipment. Then they continue their journey to you! You can integrate the sensors effortlessly. Our knowledge of sensor technology and smart working method help us to optimize your end product together with you. What sensor challenges can we help you with?

Share your sensor challenge with us. Our sensor experts will be happy to help you.

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