More than half a million for Swim to Fight Cancer: “Challenge completed!”

Sentech swim team Swim to Fight Cancer

Participating with three swimming teams, Sentech succeeded in raising a total of € 7,800 for cancer research during the 3rd Swim to Fight Cancer event. The 15 swimmers took the plunge into freezing-cold water along with 801 other participants and paddled together more than half a million euros.

The total amount raised by the Swim to Fight Cancer event in Den Bosch is already € 519,000 – more than twice the amount raised two years ago. “And donations are still coming in since the collection only ends on 30 September inclusive,” said Esther Gloudemans on behalf of the organisation.

The nationwide amount raised for KWF Kankerbestrijding (the Dutch Cancer Society – DCS) had reached € 1,138,788 on publication.

IJzeren Man (Iron Man) in Vught as alternative swimming location

The original idea was to hold the Swim to Fight Cancer event in the Singelgracht and the Stadsdommel in Den Bosch. Acting on the recommendation of the Water Control Authorities, the swimming event was switched to the IJzeren Man venue in Vught at the last moment.

Measurements taken of the water quality in the Dommel revealed potential health risks for the participating swimmers, caused by heavy rainfall and sewerage system ‘overflow’ into the river. Gloudemans: “We’re incredibly pleased with how things have gone so far. It was a beautiful day yesterday.”

Swim to Fight Cancer photographs

Judging by the sheer relief at the end of the 2.1-km swim, it was clear just how pleased the Sentech swimmers are with all the donations and how proud they are of the amount raised so far. Team coordinator Yvette Reuken: “When I swam under the finishing arch and saw all the enthusiastic supporters, I felt enormously proud that I had made the distance. The sheer relief I felt also made me very emotional, because of the fantastic charity we’re supporting. Challenge completed!”

The starting signal sounded at noon and the last of more than 800 participants completed the distance at around 16:00 hours.

Medal of Swim to Fight Cancer IJzeren Man Vught

Crowd at Swim to Fight Cancer IJzeren Man Vught

Sentech swim team Swim to Fight Cancer

Swim to Fight Cancer Rescue team

Sentech swim team Swim to Fight Cancer

Finish of Swim to Fight Cancer IJzeren Man Vught

Volunteer of Swim to Fight Cancer IJzeren Man Vught

Flag of Swim to Fight Cancer IJzeren Man Vught

Donations for cancer research

The Fight Cancer Foundation raises money for scientific cancer research and prevention via KWF Kankerbestrijding (the Dutch Cancer Society – DCS) and, in so doing, focuses largely on young people who need to be made aware of the urgent need for fighting cancer.


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