Vibration and acceleration sensors

Whether it concerns rattling cars or advanced wafer stages in the semiconductor industry, movement is visible everywhere. Sometimes the speed is uniform, but often changes in speed are more relevant, i.e. acceleration and deceleration.

Acceleration sensors are design to detect changes in speed. If a car accelerates, this kind of sensor can measure the acceleration. When the cruise control is engaged, the acceleration drops to zero. When a car brakes at the next traffic light, the sensor detects the deceleration.

Vibrations are nothing more than a succession of tiny, regular or irregular accelerations and decelerations. Acceleration sensors are therefore also ideal for measuring vibrations. These vibrations can be miniscule, maybe only 50 nanometers, or very large.

The acceleration and vibrations during a rocket launch are enormous, but the g force in a wafer stage can also be very high. Which sensor is most suitable depends on a variety of factors, such as the desired accuracy, the maximum noise level, the price, the housing, etc.


Measuring acceleration and vibrations

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