Keeping safe distance on the job with the Corona buzzer

The Social Distancing Sensor (Corona buzzer) is easy to carry with you. The small sensor you hand around your neck with a keycord, for example.

Maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters requires a huge change in our behavior. At home, but equally so in our work environment. The Social Distancing Sensor is a small device that acts as a Corona buzzer, to help people remember to keep a safe distance from each other. It enables people to work together more safely and protect each other’s health.

This distance sensor measure distances to your coworkers, who also wear a sensor. If you come too close, the Corona buzzer emits a warning signal.

Did you know?
The Corona buzzer uses ultra-wideband technology (UWB) for high precision

How does the Corona buzzer work?

The Corona buzzer is a convenient wearable device that employees of visitors carry with them. If they come within someone 1.5 meters of someone else who carries a buzzer, the device gives an alarm: it starts to vibrate, emits a sound, and display a light.

This way you can responsibly maintain social distancing on the work floor, in production environments, or during events.

How does the Social Distancing Sensor work?]

How does the Corona buzzer work? Step 1: Each employee and visitor receive a tag Step 2: As soon as any tag detects another one within 1.5 meters, both tags will emit a signal. Step 3: The signal stops when the distance is greater than 1.5 meters.

Thanks to its design, the Corona buzzer is easy to carry as a bracelet or, with a key cord, a necklace. It is splash-proof and can be safely disinfected after use. The rechargeable battery lasts 8 to 12 hours, depending on the number of signals it sends.

The use of ultra-wideband technology makes the Corona buzzer accurate up to 10 cm. Furthermore, the tags operate independently from other networks or infrastructure.

Grouping tags

A group of buzzers can be connected, in order to step emitting an alarm to other buzzers within their group. This is ideal for visitors from the same household, allowing them to be near each other without problems.

Privacy guaranteed

The Sentech Corona buzzer does not store personal data and protects the wearer’s privacy. As an employer, you can use the SDS Access Point to read data from the tags and gather valuable insights.

It will enable you to see when tags are together at a specific place, such as the coffee machine. This knowledge helps you to make your employees aware of maintaining a proper distance at a certain location.

By practicing social distancing in our working environments, we can prevent the spread of viruses such as Covid-19. By using the Corona buzzer, you lower the risk of employees becoming ill at work and spreading viruses.

Additional options

You can extend the Corona buzzer’s features with additional options. With the SDS Access Points, for example, you can improve the insights and possibilities offered by the SDS tag. This add-on connects to your own computer network, which offers benefits such as:

  • If a visitor leaves your building or grounds with the SDS tag, both you and the user will be warned.

  • Normally, the SDS is delivered with sound, vibration and light signals, but with the SDS Access Point you can turn signals off and on yourself.

  • The system registers incidents that have occurred. This way, you can see where tags are clustering and thus learn which locations form a risk.

Visit the webshop to order your Corona buzzer, or discover of all additional options.

Accessoires for the Social Distancing Sensor (Corona Buzzer)

Thanks to various accessories you have more possibilities with the beeper. Charging, pairing to groups and reading out data is a simple matter.

Make keeping distance easy!

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Specifications Social Distancing Sensor

Would you like to know more about the SDS? In the brochure (713 kb) you will find specifications about this tool.


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