Azbil: from presence to lead frame detection

Apply presence detection to lead frame detection in your machine with an Azbil sensor.

Why do you make certain choices when designing a machine? Which sensor solution fits best with your application? In a situation that calls for very reliable presence detection, small components or features like lead frame detection, an Azbil sensor can be your best choice. Your challenge requires expertise and the right sensor integration.

In the high-tech industry, accurate measuring is an everyday occurrence. The treatment process, the measurement of a start or final position, small components that must be held in a controlled manner, lead frame detection – these are all good examples of situations where accurate measurement is required. Another one is a trigger function, which indicates where the product is in the process.

Azbil offers solutions that fit well with these needs. We use these exclusive (small) components to deliver the focused, integrated sensor solutions that make your machine operate better, even in the most challenging ambient conditions.

Is qualitative measurement important?

Your project can be a success with optical sensors, photocells or maybe even a highly accurate light curtain. Take, for example, a fiber optic amplifier (HPX-EG), a photo-electric fiberglass sensor (HPF) and a laser sensor (K1G) from Azbil.

How do you select the most suitable sensor technology and design that best fits your integration? Must the transmitter and receiver be located in one housing or should they be separated from each other? As you may have noticed, there are plenty of questions to be answered. By asking such questions, we challenge you to achieve the best qualitative result and we directly share our knowledge and experience with you.

If you already have an idea of what you need, we’ll challenge that. Is it the best available technology or solution for your machine? In your sensor project, we go through various process steps as well as pay attention to the proper relationship among quality, price, performance and lead time.

Measuring and detecting with fiber, photocell or light curtain

From Liquid Level Detection and Wafer Projection Detection to Gold Wire Detection and Lead Frame Detection: In the high-tech industry, an Azbil sensor can be effectively used for measuring and detection. Several components deserve closer attention.

  • K1G
    The receivers in Azbil’s K1G models are fitted with CMOS linear image technology. These receivers supply fast and very accurate position measurements to 1 micrometer, with a resolution of 0.1 micrometer. This laser sensor can detect and visualize small variations and dynamic processes.

    Special controllers calculate the position of the light received and then translate this to an easily interpreted result. This makes it possible to easily measure thicknesses and edge drives. The K1G, with its 8-millimeter structural design, can also be termed thin.

  • HPX-EG
    This amplifier for smart fibers has a double-digit display and an automatic learning functionality. The advantage of this functionality is that the sensitivity setting is automatically optimized when adjustments are made. The amplifier works with the HPF fiber (photoelectric sensor) and is part of the Azbil family of digital fiber-optic switches. There are around 200 designs to choose from.

  • HPF
    In combination with an amplifier from the HPX-EG or HPX-AG series, the HPF fiber units are suitable for various applications and environments, such as Liquid Level Detection, Passing Chip Detection and Wafer Mapping. The sensors are not only heat-resistant but also can be used in a vacuum and are resistant to chemical stress.

Who is Azbil Europe?

Azbil, our partner in advanced measurement and control technologies, is originally a Japanese company. It was founded in 1906 as the Yamatake Group and later became the Azbil Group. Their European branch has been in operation since 2001 and is especially active in the automation of buildings. Sentech works with Azbil in industrial automation, especially in mechanical engineering projects.

Together, we create a sustainable future – one in which people, companies and the environment exist together in harmony. This is what Azbil believes in. Dedication, cost-efficient solutions and service (including after sales) are paramount for Azbil, just as they are for Sentech.

Azbil factory in Shonan

The Sioux CCM sets a good example

Azbil sensors improve the resolution of the Sioux CCM printer fleet. With a resolution of 0.1 micrometer and a repeat accuracy of 1 micrometer, the K1G offered the right options. Of the total inaccuracy, CCM wanted to assign a few μm at most to the sensor, and that was achieved. How did they do that?

Through the direct contact Sentech has with the developer in Japan. This makes it possible to assess whether a product is suitable for an application.

Check out this challenge!

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Technical PDF

Would you like to know more details about the K1G, HPX-EG or the HPF fiber unit? These PDFs (max. 4.1 MB) will bring you up-to-date on all the possibilities!

Our partner:

An Azbil sensor or component is highly accurate for measuring and detection. We use our knowledge of applications and integration to help you.


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