Precision Fair 2019
Beat the Sensorman

Discover all about optical and inductive positioning and encoder technology. View and compare, based on 10 key selection questions. Challenge the Sensorman right away.

Successfully executing a sensor integration can be very challenging. For your challenge we invite you to visit the Precision Fair.


Lecture and demos

On Wednesday morning 13 November we will be presenting a technological lecture together with POSIC on the development and technical aspects of inductive encoders. We will show you the possibilities of optical and inductive sensor technology. That includes the pros and cons.

What questions do you have when selecting the most suitable technology for you? Check out the demo at our booth and get a quick answer from our sensor experts. However, there is more to it…

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The Sentech Sensor Challenge

Beat the Sensorman op de Precisiebeurs 2019

The Sensorman has set a fantastic score. It’s up to you to defeat him. These are the rules of the game on the fair:

Touch the sensors as often as possible on our reaction speedometer in 1 minute.

Rank the most points and defeat the Sensorman

4 times a day we announce a winner of a ‘nicely filled’ gift card.

More about the POSIC lecture

Wednesday 13 November, 10.00 hrs.



Sietse Wouters

Our speaker holds a PhD in microelectronics from Delft University of Technology. He studied at the Electronic Instrumentation Laboratory with a focus on silicon sensors.

After having worked for about 10 years in the pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry, he co-founded POSIC in 2001.

This company is fully focused on inductive encoders that are based on coils and integrated together with the associated electronics in one single silicon chip.

Sietse was heavily involved in the technical development and optimization of these encoders and is currently responsible for marketing, sales and business development.

Inhoud lezing

Inductive encoders: where small size and high robustness meet

Inductive encoders use a differential transformer to measure the position of a metallic object. They are well-known in the industry in the form of resolvers, LVDTs and different types of inductive sensors.

The inductive encoder consists of a transformer, the coils of which can be wire-wound coils, planar coils made in a multilayer printed circuit board or planar coils made in a silicon chip.

POSIC selected the last method in order to propose an extremely small encoder combined with the well-know robustness of the inductive sensing principle: wide temperature range, immunity against magnetic fields and insensitivity to oil, grease, particles and dust.

The result is a very small encoder with a very high robustness, ideally suited for integration in space-constrained applications, such as electric motors, direct drives, robots, automation equipment, medical equipment and precision-instruments.

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