Patricia Meesters

I felt completely at home at Sentech from the very outset, as it has an open and positive corporate culture. In my capacity as the firm’s Financial Administrator, I bear responsibility for managing the incoming and outgoing payments.

It really is quite a challenge to keep accounts receivable as low as possible in relation to turnover. Informing customers in a friendly yet firm manner that payment of an invoice remains outstanding shows them that you maintain close control of your organization; it is a mark of the firm’s quality. As is upholding creditors’ financial confidence in us.

Clear communication with our debtors and creditors is essential in acquiring one of Sentech’s core competences, namely trust. These challenges and the commitment to customers are not faced by Sentech alone, but also by its own people. This serves as a source of inspiration to me, and motivation to tackle the challenge together with Sentech.

I pay regular visits to the gym in an effort to retain my own balance. I prefer to spend my spare time with my partner and/or children. And I savor the pleasant and enjoyable times spent with friends.

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