Michiel van de Water

For the past nine years, I have taken the greatest pleasure in fully committing myself to providing our customers with the most favorable technical solutions.

My particular challenge is to remain abreast of the very latest sensor innovations, which then enables Sentech to swiftly respond to the often rapidly changing market circumstances.

When not on the case for Sentech, I am a keen amateur runner, while I sometimes lend a hand at the various sports clubs where my children are avid members.

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Lidar integration in 5 steps

Solid collaboration is vital for successful integration. Read the 5-step plan for lidar integration.
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Lidar indispensable for autonomous driving and AGV

Self-driving vehicles move autonomously thanks to lidar. Innovation makes this sensor more payable, more compact and more reliable.
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Inductive encoder: accurately measure displacement in harsh conditions

Measure a displacement accurately with this interference-insensitive encoder. Discover the pros and cons.
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How can you earn money with Internet of Things applications?

Earn money relatively quickly with IoT applications. Make your application commercially viable with the right business case. You can read our tips and tricks here.
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Chromatic confocal: extreme technology at the Precision Fair

There was a great deal of interest in this technology. In an optimal setting, the sensor achieves a resolution of 7 nanometres!
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