Kees van den Berk

I have worked at Sentech as a Planner since August 2018. In my work, I am responsible for drawing up, propagating and working out the planning.

I make sure that the production orders are ready on time. And I help to ensure that customers receive the products on time.

What appeals to me about Sentech is the informal atmosphere and the short lines of communication. The company is facing a number of important challenges, to which I would like to make a constructive and meaningful contribution. I consider it important to continue developing myself and to acquire new knowledge. At Sentech, there are plenty of opportunities for this.

I spend most of my free time with my family. Raising two teenagers and a headstrong dachshund take up a lot of time and energy. I also like to listen to (rock) music and I go to concerts a couple of times a month. I also enjoy reading books and on Saturdays I stand on the touchline cheering on my sons as they play football. My favourite place to go on summer holiday is Italy.

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