Ivo van Damme

As a Senior Project Engineer, I develop customised sensor solutions for diverse applications. Working in multidisciplinary teams, where each member carries individual responsibility, we develop, produce and test these solutions.

I serve as the ‘spider at the centre of the web’ throughout this process, from conceptualisation to tested end product. Key elements here include solution-oriented, quality and reliability. I really enjoy cooperating with customers, suppliers and colleagues, because this offers loads of variety.

I’m highly enthusiastic about Sentech’s versatility and the variety of tasks involved. We operate in a broad variety of different sectors. As a result, you come into contact with interesting places, working at amazing companies.

Our customers provide one of our greatest sources of satisfaction, being pleased with products that fully meet – and most often exceed – their expectations.

I’d describe myself as being target-oriented, innovative and reliable. By giving everything I have to offer at work, Sentech benefits optimally from my expertise and experience. I like to unwind playing football or enjoying myself at a good concert.

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