Why Sentech? Because we love sensor technology

Sentech exists because we love sensor technology. And because, in the year 2000, our founders noticed that technological companies with complex development processes need a sensor technology R&D partner. We thrive on developing sensor solutions for the most complex sensing challenges.

We resolve complex sensing challenges

Sentech delivers sensor knowledge and develops sensor innovations in the form of unique, smart sensor solutions to resolve complex measurement and control issues in technological industries.

We excel in sensor technology integration, sensor R&D solutions for extremely complex sensing issues, professionalism and project management. These qualities contribute added value to our high-quality products and reliable supply chain.

Extensive quality and DAF supplier certification attest to our excellent product quality and delivery reliability. Our customized sensor products don’t appear in sensor catalogues. Although we try to use standard brand sensors in our customized assemblies, we modify sensors to fit if we can’t find a suitable sensor for the desired application.

We lead the field in applying innovative sensor technology, for example for highly accurate positioning and detection. Think of optical, inductive or magnetic encoders. In fact, we are a major driving force behind sensor innovation.

We apply an integral approach

Our approach is based on commitment, know-how, professionalism and a keen focus on solving sensor challenges. We are extremely committed to our customers while focusing on their specific goals and sensor challenges, which have to be clarified at the outset.

The more challenging the sensing issue, the greater our added value. In order to develop suitable solutions, accurate problem analysis becomes more important as complexity grows. Our development process is swift and controlled.

We start by finding answers to different questions. What sensing and/or controlling problems or challenges are you facing? What are your (sensing and monitoring) objectives? Under what circumstances and conditions do your machines, vehicles, instruments and/or equipment operate? What data do you need and which operations do you want to control with sensors? What is your R&D production budget?

By talking to engineers and analyzing all kinds of data and specs we formulate a clear picture of the sensor requirements and operational conditions. Only once we have fully assessed the application, will we research and select suitable sensors.

In some cases, if we can’t find a standard sensor to satisfy the necessary requirements or if the sensor is too expensive, we will develop a customized solution ourselves or in cooperation with our partners.

We then produce an integrated sensor solution using our own facilities. Just in time deliveries can be made to any location worldwide.

We form a close-knit team

Team Sentech consists of account managers, project engineers, quality engineers, production engineers, project managers and customer service employees. We invest in flawless deliveries and optimal R&D.

Besides serving as your first port of call, our account managers are skilled technical advisors with a passion for technology. They possess the necessary drive to develop the best sensor solutions for our customers. They also supervise Sentech’s development team of engineers, buyers and project managers on the basis of a well-orchestrated plan.

When our people take up a challenge, they live up to their promises and deliver the envisaged sensing solution!

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